Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Hyundai Sonata Rocker Cover Gasket

In the early day, most of the Korean car model is using the Japan made engine for their vehicle, like Hyundai is mostly have some related engine with Mitsubishi and Kia have the engine of Mazda.

But sometime, though the engine is derive from the Japan technologies, it is noted that the Korean like to do some minor changes to make their parts is not really same for those Japan item, like they might made the rocker cover with more wider grove hence you need a thicker gasket.

One of the example is the very old type of Hyundai Sonata, which the engine is similar for those Mitsubishi G62B engine for those YD model, but they just want to modified the rocker cover as such their gasket have 8 holes on it, whereby the Japan model type don't have this 8 holes.

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