Friday, January 28, 2011

Gasket and Grommet

Sometime it may be very confuse for one to mention a item is the gasket or grommet after they dismantle all the engine parts with all the gasket and grommet mess up on the floor.

Once they do the overhauling on the engine, they might notice there are quite a lot of rubber grommet item is not included in the overhaul set gasket. But since we call it grommet, we suppose not to classified them as under gasket categories and hence why should it be in the full set gasket.

So what will be the difference between this 2 items? In my very amateur explanation, I may said that "Gasket" function is to prevent leaking (Oil, Water or Air) between the 2 surfaces, while "Grommet" function is actually to prevent high vibration on the places where they are sitting on.

For one example, the upper photo show 2 types of rubber grommet that can be found in oil pump area (some may call timing area) in model of Perodua Kancil in Malaysia or Mira in Japan. The lower diagram will show where this grommet sitting at, look at the number of 40 and 34 in the diagram.

As the oil pump design consider as same for Kelisa, Kenari, Kancil L2 12V and Kancil L7 Turbo 3 Cylinder as well, this grommet may appear on this type of model.

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