Friday, July 20, 2012

Really have the RB20 Metal Cylinder Head Gasket?

Recently received quite a few call looking for the Nissan RB20 engine metal cylinder head gasket, I don't know if it is the same guy who looking all around Malaysia for this gasket, as the inquiry from a very much difference area in Malaysia, although is from north to south, east to west, but as the inquiry come in such a short period, may be one inquiry each day, that made me feel it should be the same person.

So I wonder why is the person so desparate for this metal cylinder head gasket, is it really that the original graphite cylinder head gasket also can't fufill his engine power?

Normally I will answer that I don't have one of this metal gasket, but, if the owner willing to use the RB26DET type of cylinder head gasket, I'm currently still have one, although most of the area of this gasket design are same, the diameter of RB26DET gasket bore is 3mm more than the RB20, want to give a try? With no guaranteed given though.


Syam Rashid said...

bos, sure have...but need to order from TOMEI JAPAN hehe :d

Goh Kong Chee said...

Thank you Mr. Syam on your link, as we can see also there are 2 type of bore size which is 80.5mm and 83.5mm, and I'm thinking that the bore size of 83.5mm is the same gasket with those RB26DET.