Monday, March 4, 2013

Toyota 2T-G Cylinder Head Gasket

What so special on Toyota 2T-G engine? It is just a product from 1972~ and I think the number of car is limited in Malaysia. So where to find the cylinder head gasket? As it have quite a number of inquiry from Sarawak and Sabah side.

Let's see what is the details on this 1,588cc engine, the cylinder head gasket is use in Toyota Carina 1.6, Celica 1.6 and Cresta 1.6, with model of TA22, TA23, TA27, TE27, TE27B, TE37, TE47 and TE71.

Further to the engine code of 2T-G, the 2T-GR and 2T-GEU engine also share the similar cylinder head gasket.  

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