Saturday, March 9, 2013

Once upon of time of old glory

Found some old stuff of car logo plate in a shop, all this logo plate feature some old model in Malaysia which they have their old glory day in the year of nineteen seventies.

And I think, nowadays, if the car owner still driving this, they won't border the logo plate if the plate is broken or just detached and missing from their car.

This is another book that I found it in my late father in law collection, the volume 24 of the Japan Automotive Guide Book (1977-1978), inside the content featuring the model that also have their glory days in the periods of late seventies.

That is the earliest volume I can find in the bookshelves, imagine, the Guide Book is already in their volume 24 for the year 1977-78, I really wish I can have the volume 1 that I can browse through of it content, those are history that are how you can witness the car technologies evolve till today.

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