Friday, October 14, 2011

Proton Waja Valve Body Gasket, Part 2

After the first posting of Proton Waja Valve Body Gasket, first, I wish to clarify that it's material is not thin metal sheet as my earlier posting, actually its material is gasket paper sheet, but due to it's contact with oil and may be with some metal particle stick on it, it's look like metal sheet when we take it out from the valve body.

As I'm not a technical person (I'm just a gasket trader), so what is the main purpose and function of this valve body gasket is still unknown for me, I heard that if the gasket is broken, it will disturb the gear signal.

And it is quite surprise when one of the Waja owner show the technical sheet (As shown on above photo) that is issue by Proton, which it mention this gasket is not needed, so it quite confusing me, I think that all the design from the Japan technologies, especially on automotive, must all have its very own reason, so why it put the gasket on it if it is not needed in the first place.

And it is heard that Proton is charging about RM5.5k for whole complete Gear Box overhaul kit set and did not service this valve body gasket only.

So I would like to collect more info about the function of this gasket, or the statement from Proton that this gasket is not needed is relavant, please comment on this from those are technically expert and I hope can post a more details content in Part 3 if possible.

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