Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Daihatus earliest 3 cylinder turbo engine can be trace to 1983 Charade 1.0 Turbo, which come with the CB-T type of engine, this engine is basically is the same family with all the early Daithatsu CB engine for those Charade G10, G11, S70, S75 and G100, all is 6 valve engine until in the year 1987, a DOHC 12 valves of turbo CB-T engine is launch and this range is normally call as Daihatsu Aura Turbo in Malaysia.

And than Malaysia market have their second national car manufacturer PERODUA, introduce Kancil as their first product which it is original call Mira in Japan, again, the turbo version for this engine type had come out with more and more local Kancil user modified the EF-EL engine whcih is also Mira or Opti in Japan.
This EF-EL engine which locally they call it Kancil L2 Turbo is very common nowadays, but most of the cylinder head gasket is using the Kancil ED engine type and modified some extra holes on it, which the performance of the gasket may not reach even 30% of those made in Japan gasket.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Toyota 2JZ engine may mostly known for Supra 3.0 model, the turbo type is use on Lexus GS300, Aristo and Crown as well.


Some may want to change to the metal type of cylinder head gasket for this RB25DET engine, anyway, I'm personally feel that if user is buying the original Japan parts, which their material specification will sure can stand for the original pressure produce from this turbo engine.


The Mitsubishi 4G15 DOHC Head Set Gasket (Top Set), the cylinder head gasket is quite similar with the 4G18 range which is use in Proton Waja 1.6, but it is not the same, valve cover gasket looks like the 4G92 DOHC which use on the Proton Wira 1.8 DOHC but it is shorter, and the plug seal, it may looks like the one use in Pajero V6 6G74, what a perfect design.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0 Gasket

Volkswagen car is not a stranger in Malaysia, it had been in Malaysia for quite a long history, but only recently it seem they start advertise agressively on their fleet such as Passat CC, Golf, and even Eos, this may due to some recent development between VW and the DRB-HICOM which VW may wish to assemble some of their fleet in Malaysia with joint venture with DRB-HICOM.

One of the earliest fleet for VW in Malaysia may consider as Beetle, Beetle also had evolve year to year until they call it New Beetle, with engine type range from 1,390cc to 3,189cc, which I think the 1,984cc is the popular type in Malaysia.

For the 1,984cc type of engine itself, it carry also engine code such as AEG, APK, AQY, AZJ, BDC, BEJ, BER and etc. with I4 SOHC 8 valve.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mitsubishi 4G15 DOHC

Mitsubishi 4G15 is a very popular engine in Malaysia, it can be say it is the heart of success for the local car manufacturer Proton, it use on the old Proton Saga, the 1.5 Wira and the old type of Satria as well, this SOHC 12 valves engine is mainly use in Mitusbishi Mirage or Lancer for the body type of C61A, C62A, C72A, C21A, C22A, CA2A and CB2A.

Their parts become a very fast moving item in local market (Malaysia) as the road is flooded with 4G15 engine, since the local foreman is too familiar with the 4G15 engine, it is quite a suprise for them when they first meet the 4G15 DOHC 16 valves engine in their workshop.

Not only them, may be some of the parts supplier will tell you no such engine if you are looking for the parts.

Anyway, this engine is existing, we don't know how this engine found in local market, we can just pay our respect to those dare to bring this engine in to this country, for the first badge user may have the risk of can't find the correct parts for them.

Since there are inquiry for the engine gasket as well, I will introduce the gasket in my future post after I compose all the neede details and info. Though it is a 4G15 engine, of course their part price for DOHC can not be compare to the SOHC one, you may found if the items is not interchangeable between this 2 type of engine, the price of the parts may let you think twice if you would like to change it or not.

Friday, September 17, 2010


One customer come to us and bringing the rocker cover a long with him to find the gasket for it, at a first glance, I recognise the shape which it should be the JB-DET engine which they like to call it Kancil L9 Turbo.

On the top of the rocker cover also have the Daihatsu logo, should not be wrong. Feel confidently go inside my store and take out a piece of said Kancil L9 Turbo valve cover gasket to my customer. when place the gasket onto the rocker cover, all the screw hole are well place except the place which the arrow pointed on the above picture.

After checking it with the L5 valve cover gasket, also not relevant..... headache, is it another new type of rocker cover from Daihatsu JB-XXX series, or it just the matter I don't know how to install it?


Since my earlier article on Daihatsu K3-VE cylinder head gasket ( there are some call in inquiry on the K3-VET cylinder head gasket, mainly are wonder if the K3-VE cylinder head gasket can stand the pressure of K3-VET turbo engine or not.

First, it is confirm that K3-VE and K3-VET actually share the same type cylinder head gasket, since K3-VET is come with Turbo, I would suggest owner to use the Japan made item or the OEM item for Toyota Avanza 1.3 (2SZ-FE engine), as this type of engine are quite a lot in Indonesia, the OEM cylinder head gasket from Toyota is made in Indonesia as well, but don't worry, their material actually is from Japan and the finishing is done in indonesia.

On the K3-VET Turbo Housing Gasket, please click on post below

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara may have carry 2 types of engine in Malaysia, both with 2,000cc with H20A V6 type of engine and another the more popular 4 cylinder J20A engine.
The V6 type of engine is mainly install on the Suzuki Escude model in Japan market, and it is known that H20A type of engine is to be obsolete in Japan due to they have bigger cc of H25A (2,493cc) and H27A (2,736cc) engine.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"CV Joint" is short for Constant Velocity Joint, an example of a type of mechanisms that connects two intersecting rotating shafts making an angle with one another, especially when the angle varies in service. CV joint are now very widely used in front-wheel drive cars at the connection of a half-axle with a wheel. They transmit torque evenly when wheel moves in steering or suspension. For a brief description of a typical CV Joint, see the link to the Wikipedia article given in the References.

China made CV Joint is one of the automotive parts that is most successfully penetrate into Malaysia market, due to their pricing, it can be say it totally take over the market share of Taiwan and Japan made product, left the Japan made CV Joint only have the share for the high end vehicle.

But there are too many manufacturer in China which they may have some manufacturer really don't border the quality of product which using the low quality steel (may be just a metal) which the item may threaten the life of the driver, and passengers too. (Photo show the failure of a CV Joint which definately will dangerous the life if the vehicle is in the high speed on highway.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Actually I'm not really want to talk about the ignition coil on this topic, what I'm wish to say is the "Claim" culture in the automotive spare parts in Malaysia market.

In the early day when parts are mostly imported from Japan, they are less claim issue due to their quality is proven, but since nowadays the China manufacturer try to penetrate the share of market, they start to promise on the policy that "Item can be claim if it is malfunction after it is install on the vehicle." And some even given the guaranteed time frame after install.

In this high competition market, I respect the Hitachi Ltd. which their policy still not except claimage on their Ignition Coil item (I don't know for their other product). Even some customer give back the coil stated it is not functioning, it most probaly will return back to the customer after all the testing from Hitachi, their report most probaly show the coil is still OK.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mitsubishi 4B11 and 4B12 Cylinder Head Gasket

We may see some of the Misubishi latest model Lancer or Outlander using the 4B11 or 4B12 series of engine, but not many know that this engine is not fully develope by Mitsubishi, actually this engine are the result of the joint venture between Mitsubishi, Hyndai and Daimler Chrysler.

The details of this engine and its power specification can be view in , in this article, I just curious the metal dot which surrounded on the ring area, I should be a very high technologies which I think it can be done in Japan in this moment, if not other may need to invest a lot on the machinery to follow this kind of specification.