Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pajero IO 4G94 Engine Gasket

How many type of engine that install in Mitsubishi Pajero IO? I think the common type in Malaysia should be the H76W model with 4G93 1834cc engine, but you can found the model of H77W in Malaysia as well.

The H77W model, which using the 4G94 1999cc DOHC engine, is also seen on the Pajero IO on H62W, H67W and H72W, 2 items in their se content that catch my eye on it, one is the exhaust manifold gasket, which it have one extra hole compare to those 4G92 and 4G93 type.

Another one is its rocker cover gasket, it use 2pcs separate rocker cover gasket which unlike those which use 1pc on 4G92 and 4G93 engine.

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