Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interesting Oil Seal from Mitsubishi 4B11T

When I'm start do some little study on the relationship between Hyundai G4KC engine with those Mitsubishi 4B11 and 4B12 engine, which actually this engine all jointly develop by this 2 car manufacturer, I'm suddenly found the 4B11T which they said is very specially design for the Lancer EVO X.

By going through the engine gasket list on this 4B11T, many are still interchangeable with those 4B11 type of engine, but found something interesting on the flywheel oil seal side.

As the above photo you may notice the oil seal mark with "N" on the oil pump side, actually it just looks like those normal oil seal, but let's see what will be looks like on the 4B11T.

The 4B11T type of flywheel oil seal is coming with the metal case, although it is not very rare to found flywheel oil seal with metal casing this day, but just wonder why in the same fanily of 4B11 series of engine, why there are one model to have this design, is it there are any upgrading function with this type of oil seal?

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