Monday, August 13, 2012

Nissan K21 Forklift Engine

Flip the catalog over and over, just can't find the engine code K21 in the Nissan section, but it is existing, customer look for its engine gasket, what so special on this engine, it seem this engine just design for Nissan forklift, and this what had written on the eHow website,

Nissan uses its "K21" engine -- a 2.0-liter liquid-propane-gas- or gasoline-powered four-cylinder engine -- in a number of its LX-series forklifts. The LX is a fairly small hauler, designed to move palletized cargo weighing between 1,500 and 3,000 pounds. The K21 is used only for forklifts rated at 2,500 pounds and lower; heavier-duty variants get the 2.5-liter K25 or a 3.3-liter diesel.

Description and Applications

  • The K21 displaces 2,065cc (126 cubic inches). It comes with either a carburetor or electronic fuel injection (referred to in Nissan nomenclature as ECCS, or "electronic concentrated control system"). The carbureted K21 produces 46.23 horsepower at 2,200 rpm and 116 pound-feet of torque at 1,600 rpm. Fuel-injected K21s produce 60.1 horsepower at 2,700 rpm and 118 pound-feet of torque at 2,000 rpm. The K21 is used in L01A, PL01A, FL01A, UL02A and YL02A forklifts and all of their variants.

Basic Specs

  • All K21s have a 3.5-inch bore and 3.27-inch stroke, a two-valve cylinder head with bathtub-shaped combustion chambers, a 1-3-4-2 firing order (with the piston closest to the water pump being number 1). The K21 engine measures 28.85 inches long, 22.16 inches wide and 29.25 inches high; the engine weighs 304.24 pounds dry (without counting water in the cooling system or the four quarts of 10W-30 oil in its oil pan and filter). Compression ratio varies by fuel type: Gasoline-powered engines have 8.7-to-1 compression ratios and LPG engines have 9.3-to-1 compression ratios. Gasoline engines require 89 octane or greater; LPG engines require 30P or higher in colder seasons.

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