Monday, August 27, 2012

Kenari Plug? OK, what plug?


Hmmmm..... many Perodua Kelisa or Kenari owner may face some engine oil dripping out slowly from their engine during they park their car from of their house and tiring to cleaning the floor everyday.

Actually the oil is leak from where? From rocker cover gasket area? From the plug seal area? From oil pan gasket area? Foreman can't even tell you before they check carefully, and.... some say it leak from the parts that show on the above photo, see the o-ring there, it is claim that the o-ring is hardened and oil is leak out from there.

So what is this part call actually? The description had put a word of "PLUG" on its sticker, but this definitely not a spark plug. It is located near the camshaft area, need to take out the rocker cover before you can take this out.

So can we call this Cam Plug? I'm not sure as well, so anyone of you having this knowledge please provide some correct parts name for this item and actually what is its function?

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