Monday, August 30, 2010

Daihatsu JB-DET (Kancil L5)

After putting some advertisement on Kancil L5 gasket online, there are few people calling up looking for other parts such as piston ring and the flywheel pulley, most recently is the timing chain.

Since I am not importing this L5 timing chain, I had try to source locally myself, luckily I found an iage of this timing chain which posted on "photobucket" website which this website sharing the photo for our viewing.

So under this photobucket website I found this photo which is the Daihatsu JB-DET engine gasket kit.

Also the exhaust pipe gasket (they call it downpipe gasket in the photobucket website) which I have this item as well, but foreman seem reluctant to change this item as it may take time to remove it from the exhaust pipe joint, they will only change this item when they found serious leak of gases on that join area.

Another interesting photo I found is the flywheel oil seal content in their gasket kit set, it is just a normal oil seal which without the metal housing like the one I had post it earlier in and I am now wonder if this oil seal can dismantle from its metal housing and just change the oil seal only.

At last, I like this photo with all the valve seal stem pack in the individual plastic bag with their OEM label on it, since this JB-DET engine is using 16 valve seal stem for one engine, why not just pack as 16pcs a set and reduce the usage of plastic bag and sticker.
Anyway, there are always foreman just not so careful when install this valve seal stem on the engine valve, sometime they knock it to hard and damage it, so there are chances whereby they need to buy only one peace of it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When people call me looking for Volvo model engine gasket, normally I will give them the phone number where the supplier is doing all the Volvo spare parts.

As Vovo S40 2.0 is getting popular in Malaysia market, sometime we do have the customer looking for this gasket, and it was interestingly when I found engine on this S40 actually have some relation to Ford or Mazda or even Mitsubishi.

There are type that is driven by diesel and petrol, but I think the Malaysia market mostly is driven by petrol, I would like to look for the photo of this gasket if there are any of the owner had it been change already, and hopefully with this info, most properly this will be found in my store.

P.S. : The photo attached is not engine of the Volvo S40 instead it is photo of it Clutch and Gear box.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toyota Prius is too quiet......

When every car manufacturer strive to make their vehicle more quiet when driving, Toyota have to make their Prius hybrid model noisier due to complaint from the pedestrains.
I feel funny when I saw the news title but I like the Toyota style of resolving problem, and it is indeed a good advertisement for Toyota to le their competitors know that how far they are running in front of them.
The full news article can be view at the below link.


They are now wide range of Toyota model using the 1MZ-FE V6 2994cc engine, which include Harrier MCU1#, Estima MCR30 and MCR40, Alphard MCV30, this is commonly seen in Malaysia market, this engine also applicable for some Lexus ES3000, Camry MCV20, Gracia and Tarago for Japan and other market.

What Ii' impress is their design of the Intake manifold gasket and the waterpump gasket, normally the cost of intake manifold gasket is cheaper than the exhaust manifold gasket, but for this case, their intake manifold gasket is far more expensive than the exhaust manifold gasket, this is due to the o-ring that moulded inside their intake hole.
To make this viton o-ring function more efficiently, the technologies need to be precise so that it can withstand the pressure.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Suzuki Alto Engine

Suzuki Alto is not consider the local range model in Malaysia until it just recently launch by Suzuki Malaysia Automobile on 9th August 2010 for Malaysia market.

It is normally known that Suzuki model is mostly imported directly from Japan to Malaysia until recently they have plan to assemble the Swift model in Malaysia, but interestingly, this Alto model is actually imported CBU from Maruti Suzuki in India.

But it is also not in my concern from where is it imported from, the most curious question for me to find out is the engine type for this Alto is seem different from the Japan local model and the one in Malaysia.

It is quite common for the Alto in Japan equip with the Suzuki 3 cylinder K6A engine which is 658cc, and the Alto in Malaysia is power by a 996cc engine, which I'm still wonder it is 3 cylinder or 4 cylinder engine (As I had heard both of them).

Anyway, I feel the engine may have some relation with the engine type of Naza Sutera, since Alto is still new in Malaysia, I think we may need to wait more longer period to see their engine taking out for service which we may have clearer picture of their engine type.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mitsubishi GTO 3000 Z16A Turbo

Mitsubishi GTO 3000 Z16A turbo which come with 6G72 engine may have some similar gasket parts with the Storm V6 6G72 engine, the cylinder head gasket may looks same as it is also in metal material but the thickness may be difference.

The GTO valve cover gasket is using the type which use in 6G74 due to its DOHC design, and of course the intake and exhaust manifold is the common modified area for those engine in the same series.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Suzuki Cappuccino

In my earlier article, I had post some of the photo of Daihatsu Copen when talking about the JB-DET engine which had modified on Malaysia Perodua Kancil model, but hardly can find the actual Copen on Malaysia road.

But it is quite surprise when there are people found Suzuki Cappuccino in Malaysia, as local Suzuki dealer didn't import this model into Malaysia, it is not known how many of it driving in Malaysia, I'm wonder if this Suzuki Cappuccino can be compare as the same class with Daihatsu Copen.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Nissan new Skyline GT-R is getting popular after it had recorded the record speed that faster than the Porsche fleet, Skyline GTR seem had the fleet of R33, R34 and for which the latest is R35.

R33 and R34 is basically using the RB26DET and RB25DET engine, the R35 is known that it had change to the VQ series V6 engine which is use everthing on the 350Z and Fairlady Z fleet, though it share some parts on the VQ35DET engine, but actually it had been given a engine code of VR38DET.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Effect of Coolant to Waterpump lifespan

It is not a habbit that Malaysian motorist keep monitoring or flushing the radiator and change the coolant periodically, some may just pour the water into it or some may mix the coolant with water, do you use fully coolant on it?

Why we talking on the coolant? Because it had some relation with the lifespan of a waterpump. A good quality waterpump, like the GMB brand, actually the lifespan can be use up to 8 years if the cleanliness of coolant is maintain, in Japan, when foreman dismantling the old waterpump from the vehicle, the looks of the waterpump is still like a new one.

Let see what is the diffrence in Malaysia, from the photo above, actually the waterpump is just dismantle out from vehicle in less than one month time, but you can see the rust on the impeller that show how rusty the liquid inside their radiator.

The above photo is taken from one of the page in the GMB waterpump catalog which I think the knowledge should be share, you may click the picture to enlarge to see the clearer word on it.