Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When people call me looking for Volvo model engine gasket, normally I will give them the phone number where the supplier is doing all the Volvo spare parts.

As Vovo S40 2.0 is getting popular in Malaysia market, sometime we do have the customer looking for this gasket, and it was interestingly when I found engine on this S40 actually have some relation to Ford or Mazda or even Mitsubishi.

There are type that is driven by diesel and petrol, but I think the Malaysia market mostly is driven by petrol, I would like to look for the photo of this gasket if there are any of the owner had it been change already, and hopefully with this info, most properly this will be found in my store.

P.S. : The photo attached is not engine of the Volvo S40 instead it is photo of it Clutch and Gear box.

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