Thursday, August 5, 2010

Effect of Coolant to Waterpump lifespan

It is not a habbit that Malaysian motorist keep monitoring or flushing the radiator and change the coolant periodically, some may just pour the water into it or some may mix the coolant with water, do you use fully coolant on it?

Why we talking on the coolant? Because it had some relation with the lifespan of a waterpump. A good quality waterpump, like the GMB brand, actually the lifespan can be use up to 8 years if the cleanliness of coolant is maintain, in Japan, when foreman dismantling the old waterpump from the vehicle, the looks of the waterpump is still like a new one.

Let see what is the diffrence in Malaysia, from the photo above, actually the waterpump is just dismantle out from vehicle in less than one month time, but you can see the rust on the impeller that show how rusty the liquid inside their radiator.

The above photo is taken from one of the page in the GMB waterpump catalog which I think the knowledge should be share, you may click the picture to enlarge to see the clearer word on it.

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