Monday, August 30, 2010

Daihatsu JB-DET (Kancil L5)

After putting some advertisement on Kancil L5 gasket online, there are few people calling up looking for other parts such as piston ring and the flywheel pulley, most recently is the timing chain.

Since I am not importing this L5 timing chain, I had try to source locally myself, luckily I found an iage of this timing chain which posted on "photobucket" website which this website sharing the photo for our viewing.

So under this photobucket website I found this photo which is the Daihatsu JB-DET engine gasket kit.

Also the exhaust pipe gasket (they call it downpipe gasket in the photobucket website) which I have this item as well, but foreman seem reluctant to change this item as it may take time to remove it from the exhaust pipe joint, they will only change this item when they found serious leak of gases on that join area.

Another interesting photo I found is the flywheel oil seal content in their gasket kit set, it is just a normal oil seal which without the metal housing like the one I had post it earlier in and I am now wonder if this oil seal can dismantle from its metal housing and just change the oil seal only.

At last, I like this photo with all the valve seal stem pack in the individual plastic bag with their OEM label on it, since this JB-DET engine is using 16 valve seal stem for one engine, why not just pack as 16pcs a set and reduce the usage of plastic bag and sticker.
Anyway, there are always foreman just not so careful when install this valve seal stem on the engine valve, sometime they knock it to hard and damage it, so there are chances whereby they need to buy only one peace of it.


Shazil Collections said...

bos ..BRAPA RM itu timing chain L5 .

race2235 said...

Bos,Ada ka timing chain Kit untuk L9 JB 4 silinder.

Goh san said...

To race2235, Kit tak ada, chain saja boleh supply.

darby ho said...

Did u still got downpipe gasket?

Goh san said...

Hi Darby, the down pipe gasket should be available, but if you able to sent the photo for us to verify the stock that is better, you can whatsapp to 012-2043717 for info.

lofax lorax said...

bro do u still have overhaul JDDET engine gasket kit?What price?

Goh san said...

To lofax lorax,

We do still having the JB-DET overhaul gasket kit.

Pakyin Tsang said...

Can send to hongkong '

Goh san said...

Dear Pakyin Tsang,

We are operating at Malaysia, it is no problem to sent item to Hong Kong. You may forward your inquiry to for further clarification.