Monday, May 14, 2018

Bison Savana 2.8 Overhaul Gasket Kit

This post we wish to introduce another non KP product gasket, in Malaysia we found that there are quite some number of Bison Savana 4X4 truck, which it is consider a China made truck.

So out of curiosity, we go and check what engine is use on this truck, beside the front door of the truck, we found a plate with word of "Cummins 2.8" is stick on it, so it should be very clearly it is a Cummins model engine.

But when one of the customer took a cylinder head gasket sample for us to check it out, it seem it is not those normal Cummins model, we may consider it is a China Cummins, and when we search it out, it is an engine from a China company call Foton, which they have some cooperation with Cummins.

From the gasket photo, how you feel the design of this engine?

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