Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Nissan RB25DET, Suzuki M15A and Subaru EJ20 MLS Head Gasket

KP is mainly supply the OEM specification gasket, which mean if the OEM gasket material is graphite, they will supply the graphite type.

But on and off we have some customer checking with us if we have the custom made racing performance gasket, so we decided to outsource some item to meet some of our customer requirement.

The first photo is Nissan RB25DET cylinder head gasket, which the OEM gasket is graphite type, for this metal cylinder head gasket, we currently stock some with 1.50mm thickness type of gasket, although we know the market may have variance of thickness like 1.20mm, 1.60mm and 1.80mm, we decided to get the 1.50mm thickness for a start.

The above photo is Suzuki M15A cylinder head gasket which the OEM material is already using metal type of gasket, but OEM type of thickness is about 0.4mm, and we get some 1.70mm thickness gasket for those who want to modified their Suzuki Swift with high power turbocharger.

And the last one we keep in stock is the Subaru EJ20 type of metal head gasket with 1.50mm.

Please note that all the above item is not KP brand of gasket. Any inquiry can be whatsapp to +6012-2043717.

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