Thursday, December 13, 2012

China Forklift Engine Cylinder Head Gasket

Initially China manufacture their forklift with Japan made engine, but it is matter of time that China will come up with their own design engine, and it will be a matter of time also on how far the customer will except their engine.

Actually we can find those China made engine in their forklift range already, although it seem the design may have some similar, which I'm not dare to say they are copying from the Japan one.

In Malaysia market, it seem there are forklift importer than bring in this China made forklift with China made engine, and the common engine they use is A490, A495 and A498.

Although A490, A495 and A498 model all are in difference CC category, it seem their engine gasket is actually inter-changeable, and let see how interesting they design their gasket.

For the upper photo, it is the damage gasket from the A498 forklift and at the lower photo is the A490 forklift head gasket, if you overlap 2 gasket on it, you will found their hole position are all match, with the gasket bore diameter is 101mm for both, but it is really don't understand why the pattern of their side edge need to design differently.

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