Monday, December 10, 2012

Honda R18A and R20A engine gasket

First know the Honda R18A engine when the Honda Civic 1.8 is introduce into Malaysia market, which the engine is quite new at the time, before this Civic 1.8, the engine that come in before R18A is K20A and K24A which is on Honda Stream, CRV and Accord model.

Just after I thought that the CRV will be using the K20A engine for a while because this is consider new engine, suddenly a new model which come with newer engine R20A caught me by surprise.

Although R18A and R20A is a difference code for difference cc of engine, the engine gasket actually are same which the cylinder head gasket also using the same bore diameter, difference in cc is just because of the difference height of the piston.

For one who really interested to know more deeply on R18A and R20A engine, you may click on the below link which is the info given is very detail.

R18A engine info link

R20A engine info link

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