Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nissan RB25DET left over gasket

I use to keep a few gasket sets of this Nissan Skyline 2.5 RB25DET engine model, as usual customer come for inquiry normally may not just want to buy the whole set, they might just want loose item from the gasket set.

One of my stock top set gasket for Nissan RB25DETT, is left over with the items show in the photo in this post, by after selling the cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket, intake manifold gasket and valve seals actually to difference 4 customer. Still have one piece of exhaust manifold gasket that I didn't show it here.

What is left over? Clearly we can see 2 pieces of exhaust pipe gasket for turbo housing outlet, 2 pieces of the half moon seal, the 12 pieces o-ring I can't get to know where it is using but may be have some related to the engine valve system. 2 pieces of camshaft oil seal and you can see that one piece of beautiful shining metal ring, that's the exhaust pipe gasket which I think it is not so easy to spoil by looking at its material quality.

So do you think how much I can get if I'm able to sell all this left over items from the set?

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