Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is Nissan RB28 an Official Engine

Customer looking for Nissan RB28 Engine gasket kit, since can't find the engine code in my gasket catalog under Nissan RB series engine section so just do some google search.

The finding is, RB28 engine may be not actually really official engine from Nissan, indeed it may the modified product from one of the RB26 engine, let's see the fact from wikipedia source,


RB26DETT Z2This is the engine used in the Nissan Skyline GT-R Z-Tune built by Nismo. It uses the stronger RB26 N-1 block (87.0 x 73.7 mm), modified with Nismo parts, bored and stroked to 2.8 L (87.0 x 77.7 mm). The end result was the RB28Z2, which produces 510 bhp (368 kW) and 540 N·m of torque.

So, may be we can conclude that for engine gasket kit, RB28 is using the same gasket with RB26.

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