Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My FB Page New Cover Photo

Since Facebook had change its appearance to timeline version, its header allow us to put an extra cover photo to make you on profile more attractive, it had been quite some time I just left the cover photo blank in the KP Gasket page in Facebook.

It just happen someone is looking for something like Subaru EJ20 version 8 gasket, oh come on, don't just tell me like that, I can't even recognise that Subaru is version what when I see it directly, just let me see some of the gasket sample and I may try my best to check on my side.

But seem some not even dare to dismantle anything before he or she can be sure that the parts are available, it seems like having the stock in my store also not that easy to end it up at the end consumer for this type of engine.

It also take some time for me to gather some of those gasket to take a family photo for them, it looks like a head set isn't it? Obviously it is not, it is not completed, but yet it can be also, sound tricky isn't it, haha....I think I will have some tough time to get familiar with this engine model.

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