Friday, October 26, 2012

Nissan CVT Transmission Gear Box - how it's maintenance?

Just curious, wanted some answer from those really know this.

One of my friend is Nissan Teana owner, he proudly tell me that the new Nissan Transmission Gear Box technologies is in a close system, the gear box lubricant oil is content inside the box itself and not like those old system where it circular around for cooling purpose, of course they have their new cooling technologies for their gear box.

For instance, it seem the gear oil can't be change in normal workshop which I don't know if it is only changeable in Nissan Authorized Service Centre which they might have a special tool to do it.

And I heard from another friend which have the problem on the gear box, which the technical person tell him that this kind of gear box is unable to dismantle and do overhauling like those old type, and for his problem it is advice to change a new one, which I heard the quoted price for a new gear box is about RM50k.

But actually I'm suspecting it is not so true on their comment on how not maintenance friendly on this kind of gear box, may be it is just too new at the moment which they still don't know how about to deal with it, let see if anyone can provide a better fact on this question.

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