Friday, October 26, 2012

MiNi PC For Android OS

I'm not the one who like to chasing for the new IT gadget product, but I feel that I'm follow and get update for the latest IT gadget news well enough, I may not owning the gadget but at least I will know the gadget is exist and how is it function.

Anyway, today when I went to my mother in law house, I saw a little box printed "MiNi PC For Android OS" on it which is own by my sister in law, scratching my head for a while on this product but after a quick demo from my sister in law and I feel it is quite simple to understand.

Inside the box, actually it have a gadget that's looks like a slightly bigger pendrive, actually that is what they so call the mini PC which the Android processor install in it (It is equipped with a single-core 1.5GHz AllWinner A10 processor, supported by 512MB of memory according info from my Google search).

As such, plug this into your TV which have the HDMI socket, your TV become a big Android Tablet, it just function like all the normal Android Tablet except you need a mouse to control the cursor, hmmm.... if there are a big touch screen TV is it we can throw the mouse away? But normally we won't want to touch our TV with our finger too frequently.

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