Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daithatsu Atrai EF-SE Cylinder Head Gasket

Daihatsu 3 cylinders engine cylinder head gasket may looks alike when you compare with their starting alphabet on their engine code, like those in ED-series, EJ-series. But for EF-series it seem we can notice their differences very clearly.

Look at the photo, this Daihatsu EF-SE engine cylinder head gasket may looks wierd if you have been touching all the ED, EJ engine cylinder head gasket, let see where are this model actually applied on in Japan domestic market.

Some model can be found on EF-SE engine driven are Mira 660 L700S, Opti 660 L800S, Move 660 L900S, Hijet and Atrai 660 S200C.

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