Monday, October 15, 2012


Haha, just because Honda got CRZ, Subaru got BRZ, curiuos on why is they use quite a similar short name and actually what they stand for.

Ok, I just got it, simple google search found that CR-Z actually stand for  ‘Compact Renaissance Zero’, details on it just click on the wiki link below,

Toyota 86 is the model that lead me to the BRZ info, which Toyota and Subaru jointly manufacture the concept model of FT-86.

So what is BRZ stand for?  Since Subaru always famous with its boxer engine technologies, BRZ actually stand for Boxer engine, Rear-wheel drive and Z being the ultimate letter. Actually in some article also put the letter "Z" stand for Zenith.
When searching info for Subaru BRZ, I found one more related model for Subaru BRZ, which is Scion FR-S, I'm not very familliar with this model but you may browse the article at below link,

The only thing that I want to write here is what the FR-S stand for. FR-S actually is stand for Front-engine, Rear-drive, Sport.

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