Friday, March 12, 2010

Daihatsu EFSE Engine

Since the local Perodua Kancil owner starting to modified their engine in many variety of turbo engine from Daihatsu Mira range, the owner of the vehicle have quite a difficulty to source for the replacement part especially on the engine side.

From the 4 cylinder type of JBJL, JBEL, JBDET type to the 3 cylinder EJDE, EFGS type, vehicle owner always find it hard to source for the engine gasket, especiaaly the rocker cover gasket that may need to change when time is come.

Recently, there are another type of 3 cylinder engine that coming in, it is unknown how many vehicle with this type of Daihatsu EFSE engine as this engine is not a popular export model in Japan, the valve cover gasket (rocker cover gasket) may become so exclusive.

This type of engine mainly come from Daihatsu Hijet Atrai 660cc, with the model S200V or S200O, as local market use to diffrentiate the engine using L5, L7 and L9, may be this type of engine can be consider as L8 engine as one of the Daihatsu Opti model L800S using this type of engine.

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