Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4G94 Valve Cover Gasket

The valve cover design for each engine sometime is very depend on the type of engine especially it is Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) or Double Overhead Cam (DOHC).

Normally, DOHC engine have a wider valve cover than the SOHC engine, as such, their valve cover gasket for DOHC certainly is wider than the SOHC engine.

Anyway, some of the engine had design that to separate the gasket into 2 pieces, for example, Toyota Levin 16V DOHC Engine (4A-GE) and Nissan CA18 DOHC Engine valve cover is design as 2 pieces a set.

Mitsubishi may rarely have such design of gasket but the recent 4G94 Engine had change their trend on the valve cover designing, you may see the photo on the latest valve cover gasket on the Mitsubishi 4G94 Engine.

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