Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mazda Truck T3500 Full Set Gasket

Mazda Truck T3500 with SL Engine Code is also known as Ford Trader T3500 in Malaysia, there are basically got 2 types of bottom set, which their oil pan gasket and oil pump gasket will be different for those 2 model.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Toyota 18R-GEU Full Set Gasket

This Toyota Celica or Carina model engine gasket, under engine code 18R-GEU consider a very old model engine, can be trace back to 1977~, with model such as RA63A, RT132, RT141, RX63 and MX63.

Actually this suppose to be an obsolete model, that I already stop on the re-ordering process, but it quite surprise that still have quite a number of inquiry on this engine gasket, one reason may be most of the gasket importer also stop ordering this model.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Daihatsu JB-JL Rocker Cover Grommet

This is a parts sourcing project again for this Daihatsu JB-JL engine or aka Kancil L5 in Malaysia, not really recognize what is it base on the above photo? Than just follow the part number of this 90044-80534 and find it where is it located in the below engine diagram.

So can you find the the part number in the diagram, actually I'm not really sure what should we name the part, since it sit on the rocker cover, and the OEM sticker is stated Grommet for this part, so I just call it as rocker cover grommet.

Is it a necessary replacement part or is it important? Look at the below photo, with the arrow pointing place, that is the grommet which is already tear out and need for a new replacement.