Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh! Is about Subaru gasket again!

Once a while, I will have some inquiry on Subaru EJ20 series overhaul set gasket or head set gasket, sorry to say that I'm not stocking for the gasket set, it is too slow moving in Malaysia market and the cost for me to stock this item, I think is just can't make a good sense for me.

So, I just take an initial step to getting some individual item content in gasket set.

What I'm having now at a glance as below list,

Cylinder Head Gasket (Metal Type) for EJ20 and EJ25

Rocker Cover Gasket having 4 types of model for EJ20 series which is still not complete full range

Rocker CVR Gasket, which some may call it as Plug Seal

Semicircular Plug Gasket, which some may call it as Half Moon Seal, normally this seal is made by rubber for other car model but for Subaru type of it it seem more like plastic material.

Valve Seal

Fuel Injector O-ring seal

Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Intake Manifold Gasket

Exhaust Pipe Gasket

With those above combination, it seem already having a head set gasket, hmmmm..... it may be just can be consider a simple head set gasket, for a complete head set gasket, it actually still have a lot more small pieces of gasket and O-ring seal need to be included into it.

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