Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daihatsu YRV K3-VET Turbo Gasket

Looks like the Daihatsu YRV K3-VET turbo engine is getting popular in Malaysia, just to stress it again, the K3-VET engine actually is quite similar in their design on those K3-VE engine, which is use on Perodua MYVI 1.3, Kembara DVVT 1.3 and in Toyota Avanza 1.3 though it may call it 2SZ-FE in Toyota.

In the engine gasket term, most of the item content in K3-VE gasket set is usable on the K3-VET, there are just less few pieces of gasket on the Turbo housing area like on their exhaust and intake side.

And the above gasket is 2 of the gasket that is missing in K3-VE gasket set which it needed by K3-VET engine.

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