Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Subaru EJ20 Rocker Cover Gasket

Why I'm putting the word "Another" in this title? Actually in my catalog, I can found 6 to 7 difference type of rocker cover gasket for the Subaru EJ20 series engine from various generation model, and the photo that you are currently view at is only my 3rd type of Subaru EJ20 rocker cover gasket.

So this is for which model? As stated on catalog, it use on 1996~ Legacy 2.0 and Impreza 2.0 for the model BD, BG, GC, GF which the engine code is EJ20G.

For the previous rocker cover photo, you may refer to

And for the Subaru EJ20 series engine code explanation please refer to

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