Sunday, February 27, 2011

Half Moon Seal

Photo above show the looks of the "Half Moon Seal", there are found on some of the engine where located at their rocker cover area, most material are rubber made but there are also with the clear coated 6061 aluminium type which mostly in Toyota engine range.

Some rocker cover gasket design as such the half moon seal is already stick on the gasket, like most Nissan SR20DE series of rocker cover gasket(RCG), some of the Nissan GA16DE RCG and Suzuki Vitara H20A, H25A and H27A RCG.

For those which separated from it rocker cover gasket, the model of using it such as Toyota AE80, AE92, AE101, 1RZ, 3RZ, 3L, SXV10, Nissan RB20 and it series of engine, Cabstar Z16, Z20, Mazda E3, E5, UC engine, Mitsubishi 4G61, 4G63, 4G54, 4D56, 4D68, 4M40, Isuzu Gemini petrol and diesel, Daihatsu JB-JL and JB-DET engine.

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