Friday, February 25, 2011

Constant Velocity Joint - HDK Catalogue

The initial main purpose of writing this blog is to share more about the engine gasket information as it is in my main field as a engine gasket importer and distributor. Although now and than I may put some other parts which it happen I have the chances to trade on it or source for other.

It is quite suprise for me when I see the previous post title "Constant Velocity Joint (CV Joint)" is the highest numbers of view in this blog although my blog most article is on gasket, further more that post I just touch on the defect of one CV Joint that I found from our customer.

Is it because nowadays is too hard to find a good quality CV Joint due to the market is flooded with China made product? Anyway, if anyone would like to find some CV Joint item information may go to which the HDK CV Joint catalogue can be downloaded.

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