Friday, November 19, 2010

Local L7 Turbo - Storia or Hi-Jet Engine?

First to get known about what they so call "Kancil L7 Turbo" is when a customer take an used rocker cover gasket to seek for the part. At a glance, it seem looks like same with the Kanari or Kelisa type of rocker cover gasket design, but when we made a careful comparison, you will notice the so call "Curve Area" on the gasket actually design in the opposite way when compare to the local model.

As most of the customer is looking for the rocker cover gasket, I'm wonder what engine actually it use on the local L7 Turbo.

With the rocker cover gasket info, basically there are 2 type of daihatsu engine use this kind of rocker cover, which is EF-GS engine use on Hi-Jet DOHC-CAB S100 and S110 with 659cc capacity.

Another one is EJ-DE engine use on Storia M1##series with 989cc capacity non of them using the code L7## instead. And for the Daihatsu L7# series model I can't find which of them is using this rocker cover gasket.

Now let see what is the difference between Storia and Hi-Jet 660, according to catalog, Storia type of engine actually using the same cylinder head gasket with the local Kanari and Kelisa, which its OE type is metal cylinder head gasket, but the Hi-Jet 660 type is using the graphite type of cylinder head gasket (Please refer to the photo above) which the design also different from Kancil L2 Turbo as well.

As local "kedai potong" (Used parts shop) is able to import any kinds of engine, it is not suprise that local Kancil owner is modified their engine with this Hi-Jet 660 engine.

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