Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Tribute to Nissan Sunny 130Y

Before the birth of Proton, in my view Nissan Sunny 130Y can be consider as the most popular car for Malaysian, though the car age may already more than 20 years for some of the very first model, it still can be seen on the road of Malaysia, this also shown how tough this kind of model can last.

"Y" was a Sunny market name ("A" was used for Cherry and Pulsar families e.g. 120A).

NOTE: "120Y" is simply the marketing name for a B210 or B310 with A12 engine. This name "120Y" was only used in some countries (markets). In other markets the same car was called "Sunny". The same car with A14 was called Sunny, 140Y or B-210. With A15 was called Sunny, 210, or 150Y. It depends on where it was sold. Newer FWD Sunnys also sported 130Y for E13 engine, etc.

The Nissan E-series engine was first introduced in 1981. The E-series was gradually replaced by the GA-series in 1988/89, although it soldiered on in secondary markets such as Southeast Asia. The Malaysian built B11 Nissan Sunny 130Y used the E13 until at least 1996. The Turbo E15ET was discontinued in 1987.

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Delaciox said...

wow,it cool, turbo engine.
i also diving sunny 130y, but need to find some spartpart for my sunny to repair back normal and painting.