Friday, April 10, 2009


Nissan VQ type of V6 engine have quite a difference characteristic with those Mitsubishi or other type of V6 engine. For Mitsubishi type of V6 engine (e.g. 6A1X or 6G7X), the engine gasket for both left hand side and right hand side are design as the same item, but for Nissan type of V6 engine, most of them are difference part for left and right.
It is known that Cylinder Head Gasket, Rocker Cover Gasket are difference for left side and right side for VQ engine, but do you thing the Plug Tube Seal for this type of engine have the difference parts for left and right side?
6 pieces of Plug Tube Seal are used for one engine which consist 3 pieces a side, and this Plug Tube Seals are not packed in Genuine Full Set or Head Set gasket, the question is are they using 6 pieces same items or 3 pieces a side with 2 difference parts?
There are 2 type of Plug Tube Seal are applicable for VQ Engine, which is 13276-31U21 and 13276-31U10 (Please refer to the photo diagram).
Parts catalog shows that both items are interchangeable although their size may have slightly difference, and 6 pieces of each part number per engine are usable.
But it seem there are foreman claim that 3 pieces of each part number are use for the left hand and right hand side. This info is quite confusing and we wish for those is expert in this Nissan VQ engine are welcome to comment on their view for this scenario.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Range of VQ35DE Engine Gasket

We may start to know the existing of Nissan VQ35DE engine after the Murano 3.5 V6 is entering Malaysia, but the earlier type of VQ35DE vehicle that already driving on Malaysia soil is the luxury van of Nissan Elgrand.

In Japan, there are also Terrano 3.5 that using VQ35DE engine, the other type vehicle may be Maxima.

Although the engine specification is all putting as VQ35DE, they may be have some slight modification on the Cylinder Head Gasket and Rocker Cover Gasket for diffrence vehicle, hence before buying any VQ35DE gasket set, it is better to check the exact part number for their Cylinder Head Gasket and Rocker Cover Gasket to prevent of wrong purchase.

Also don't be confuse of this type of engine with VQ35HR which mainly use on Nissan 350Z Fairlady sport car.

Sunday, April 5, 2009




A version 2 model, applicable to exhaust side VTC.To meet modifications to inlet valve seat internal diameters and ports, two versions Spec-1, diameter 31 and Spec-2, diameter 32-was created.

Easy increase of compression ratio

Compared to a genuine VQ35 head, the combustion chambers of the genuine VQ30 are used as the base for casting a processing, providing the compact combustion chamber required by an NA engine. The volume has been greatly reduced. With the combustion chamber volume reduced from 56cc to 46cc, the compression ratio is increased without head milling (using a genuine piston, from 10.3 to 12.0). In addition, by changing the piston crown shape, a compression ratio of 13.5 is also possible.

Easy increase of intake port potential

While this head uses the dynamic valve system of the VQ30 engine, the intake port uses the high-potential port used in the VQ35. Spec-2 uses an intake valve seat diameter of 32 to modify the intake port inside R to realize performance that greatly exceeds that of a genuine VQ35 engine (please see the table at the VQ35 Intake Port performance comparison).
* The VQ35DE engine is a V6 engine using VTC. Do not use simple milling of the head to reduce combustion chamber volume.

Spec-1 secondary spec

Shape comparison, NISMO and genuine parts

Combustion chamber, Spec-1 secondary spec

Combustion chamber, genuine

Compared to genuine metal gaskets, the use of molybdenum coating helps withstand higher compression ratios and improves surface pressure around the bore.

The VQ35DE Metal Head Gaskets are 0.7mm thick and feature a 4-layer stopper-type structure. The stopper-type structure employs a stopper ring around each combustion chamber that is molded into the head gasket for a precise and strengthened seal. The factory head gasket is only made from 3 layers and has a bead-type structure. A bead-type head gasket only uses a raised bead to seal the combustion chamber.