Monday, April 6, 2009

Range of VQ35DE Engine Gasket

We may start to know the existing of Nissan VQ35DE engine after the Murano 3.5 V6 is entering Malaysia, but the earlier type of VQ35DE vehicle that already driving on Malaysia soil is the luxury van of Nissan Elgrand.

In Japan, there are also Terrano 3.5 that using VQ35DE engine, the other type vehicle may be Maxima.

Although the engine specification is all putting as VQ35DE, they may be have some slight modification on the Cylinder Head Gasket and Rocker Cover Gasket for diffrence vehicle, hence before buying any VQ35DE gasket set, it is better to check the exact part number for their Cylinder Head Gasket and Rocker Cover Gasket to prevent of wrong purchase.

Also don't be confuse of this type of engine with VQ35HR which mainly use on Nissan 350Z Fairlady sport car.

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