Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nissan VQ series V6 engine

In Malaysia, Nissan VQ series engine start to make their debut in the model of Cefiro V6 with VQ20DE for 2,000cc model and VQ30DE for 3,000cc model.
But there are some parts importer in Malaysia had bring in the VQ25DE engine and modified it on the Nissan car type for those who love to enjoy the speed and powerful of car.
The problem start when the VQ25DE engine type wish to change their engine gasket locally, although the valve cover gasket, valve stem seal, exhaust and inlet manifold, is the same item with VQ20DE and VQ30DE, but it is not for their Cylinder Head Gasket. VQ20DE Cylinder Head Gasket bore diameter is to small for VQ25DE and VQ30DE is too big for it. It is really hard to source for the Cylinder Head Gasket.
At last, Nissan had launch Nissan Teana in Malaysia in the year of 2008, with the Engine Model of VQ23DE with 2,300cc V6 Engine. May be many people do not notice that VQ23DE is sharing the same size of Cylinder Head Gasket for VQ25DE, hence we may see the VQ25DE lover have a better chance to source for their Cylinder Head Gasket.
The VQ series already reach to 3,500cc with the VQ35DE model for the Nissan Murano 3.5l in Malaysia, and we may look forward for the more powerful VQ37VHR engine in future in Malaysia, which this type of engine already available in Japan for their Nissan Skyline Coupe.

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