Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Infiniti Q45 Rocker Cover Gasket

Infiniti Q45 model with VH45DE engine have 2 variant of rocker cover, one of the type is seem they not using any rocker cover gasket like the conventional type of gasket, it only use 2 pieces of moon seal and 2 pieces of small o-ring.

But in the other variant, it us the gasket as shown in photo, and it is a long rocker cover for a V8 engine like this, beside the rocker cover gasket, it also using 16 pieces of rocker cover bush on each side, which mean you need to use total of 32 pieces of bush if you change both side of it.

The above photo shown the variant of VH41DE which the rocker cover gasket have 2 pieces moon seal a side, and for the below photo, it is a VH45DE which it have 3 moon seal a side.

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