Monday, May 25, 2015

Mazda CX-7 Gasket

Apart from the normal gasket like those cylinder head, rocker cover, intake and exhaust manifold, what can you expect to find in Mazda CX-7 Gasket?

L315-40-581 is the silencer for Mazda CX-7, some may call it as exhaust pipe gasket.

L3K9-13-655 is the throttle body gasket for Mazda CX-7.

This is the fuel injector for Mazda CX-7, but the actual item to show is the blue color injector O-ring, which may able to found in full set gasket kit, L3K9-13-253.

The bolt on turbo on Mazda CX-7 have this turbo manifold gasket L3K9-13-710.

And the other side of the turbo manifold, having the gasket of L380-13-490B.

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