Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Honda S660 Coming To Malaysia Soon?

発売を記念した特別限定車「S660 CONCEPT EDITION(エスロクロクマル コンセプト エディション)」
【発表】 http://honda.eng.mg/99129
「Heart Beat Sport」をキーワードに、Hondaらしい「走る喜び」の実現を目指して開発しました。
S660 Facebookページも開設しましたので、今後の最新情報はぜひこちらでチェックしてください^^
【S660】 http://honda.eng.mg/c4cd4
【GATE660】 http://honda.eng.mg/b9374
【S660 Facebookページ】 http://honda.eng.mg/a7a15

詳しくはこちら: http://honda.eng.mg/c5cb2
New S660 (eslocrokmar) 2-seater open sports of 4/2 (wood) released! 
Also special limited edition cars to commemorate the launch ' S660 CONCEPT EDITION 
(eslocrokmar concept Edition) ' 660 units limited is a release on the same day.
[Announcement] http://honda.eng.mg/99129
 S660 are developed aiming at the realization of driving pleasure and pursue passionately 

authentic sports fun, ride, in fun, exciting anytime, heart, Heart Beat Sport Honda seems to keyword.
 Product site also opened today. Together with special site 'GATE660', please see S660 charm with 

plenty of. S660 Facebook page even opened, so future updates are here check out ^ ^
【S660】 http://honda.eng.mg/c4cd4
【Gate660】 http://honda.eng.mg/b9374
[S660 Facebook page: http://honda.eng.mg/a7a15

After this 16:30-the conduct S660 developers develop members through real-time Q & A!
For more information click here: http://honda.eng.mg/c5cb2

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