Friday, May 9, 2014

Infiniti Q50 - Coming Soon in Malaysia

Come across an Infiniti Q50 model showing at the Publika Solaris Dutamas, which having a sign board showing potential owner can register their interest in which also lead to my curious on checking what's up on this Infiniti Q50 model.

Basically the overall info of Infiniti Q50 can be browse in and it is known that Q50 is already make its debut in Malaysia during 2013 KLIMS (Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show).

Among those info, what catching my eyes is the 2.0L engine model, as most of us known that Infiniti is actually a luxury branding for Nissan group, most of the engine using in Infiniti fleet is Nissan engine, like Q50 3.5L is using Nissan VQ35HR V6 engine and 3.7L is using Nissan VQ37VHR V6 engine.

And why the 2.0L engine for Q50 is interesting? First of all, the signboard show that Q50 to be launched  in Malaysia market is 2.0L engine category, when you find the info in Wiki, 2.0L engine is under engine code of M274 DE20, which actually the engine is from Mercedes-Benz.

So as a result, you may want to further Wiki on M274 engine at to find out what so special on this engine.

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