Saturday, May 3, 2014

Honda E07A Cylinder Head Gasket

Although Malaysia is quite popular with the small K-car for those 3 cylinder engine, especially for the Daihatsu engine, and some Suzuki engine, it is quite hard to see any Honda 3 cylinder engine on the road in Malaysia.

Honda E07A 660cc 3 cylinder engine is consider a quite new engine for Malaysia market, the model for this engine is such as Honda ACTY HA3. HA4, HH3, HH4 and also HE802.

But actually this model is not like those passenger K-car, it is most fir on the Mini Truck or Mini Cab like some of those Mitsubishi 3 cylinder engine.


Kuacie Martinie said...

can i get this gasket from KP gasket??

Goh san said...

Hi Kuacie Martinie,

You can always get the gasket from us, you may contact us at or post your message on our FB Page at