Monday, July 8, 2013

Isuzu FVR 34 Engine Gasket

When mostly dealing with the passenger car engine gasket, the most extend normally will carry some small truck or light commercial truck engine gasket, and normally going for the 4 cylinder engine model.

For example, in Isuzu range of truck, it is normal for passenger car engine gasket dealer to carry until model like 4HF1, 4HG1, 4HJ1 and 4HK1 of gasket, but the latest Isuzu truck model that launching in Malaysia recently, like the Isuzu FVR 34 model, is installed with 6HK1 engine.

Actually this 6H series of engine is mostly similar with the 4H series and the only difference may be is they have 2 extra cylinder as such made other gasket parts also longer than the 4H series.

And sometime this 6HK1 may fall just in the middle, whereby small passenger car dealer think it is too big for them to stock it, and the big truck dealer think it is too small to stock it, so what do you think should it fall to which dealer territory? 

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