Friday, January 18, 2013

Nissan Resonance Concept Car

At the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan has revealed a daring crossover design concept that previews a potential direction for the next-generation Muranocrossover.

Created at Nissan Design America, in San Diego, and penned by Nissan Motor Co. senior VP and chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura, the new concept was inspired by “the ‘innovation era,’ and optimism for a bright, energetic future.”

From the front there’s a V-shape, running from the grille all the way through the hood and back to boomerang-shaped headlights, while special attention has been paid to side surfacing, and the combination of steep A-pillars and a large, full-length glass panoramic roof with flowing rear pillar help altogether add to a feel of cabin spaciousness.

The exterior is done in a warm Flare Orange, with tinted acrylic grille, Satin Chrome accents, and 22-inch alloy wheels.

Holographic display
Inside, the Resonance Concept has its instrument panel ‘floating’ on the console, with infotainment and communication features all up front, with a holographic experience and visual depth helping to assign priorities and levels of importance to the driver. Cloud-based telematics complete the connectivity and information suite.

“The architecture of the cabin is open and structural,” said Bancon, in a release about the concept. “Like the exterior, it redefines and pushes the segment beyond convention.”

Overall, the length of the concept is 190.6 inches, while the wheelbase is 113.2 inches—just slightly longer than the current Murano. But at 78.7 inches, the concept is about four inches wider.

Hybrid powertrain
Under the hood, the new model features the hybrid system that Nissan has been developing for a wide range of vehicles, with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, plus one electric motor/generator and two clutches integrated into the case of Nissan’s next-generation Xtronic continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). There’s also a compact laminated lithium-ion battery and intelligent battery charging control.

While Nissan now has the Pathfinder crossover to appeal to families, as well as the Rogue compact crossover just below, it seems that the automaker might take a more daring path with the Murano.
The automaker also hints in the release that it expects the Resonance Concept to be provocative—and even polarizing.

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