Friday, January 4, 2013

New Car! How long should its engine gasket lifespan?

You buy a new car, how long do you expect you driving your car until its first change of its engine cylinder head gasket? 5 years? 10 years? Or 100,000km mileage? Or you are thinking that you should be able to maintain the engine well enough until changing engine gasket is out of your consider condition?

Anyway we know that every parts have its lifespan, but will you scratch your head when customer are sourcing for the cylinder head gasket that actually the car is driving for less than 2 years?

It will happen indeed when a driver is not taking good care or alert to any abnormal engine condition, engine coolant that not change for quite a long time, coolant pipe or hose system leaking and didn't alert to the temperature signal when driving.

Stone knock to the oil pan causing the engine oil leak out without notice and more ridiculous some are too busy even not going to change the engine oil in the correct interval duration.

Some claiming that the RON95 petrol standard in Malaysia is not the same as in Japan which that cause the engine tend to easy overheat.

No matter what is the reason, the car owner need to pay for the price if need to source for a new model engine gasket too soon from it launched, it may not available in the after market and the price for the OEM parts for new model tend to be in the high side.

So can you guess the gasket in the photo actually is for what model and actually run for how many years? You recognize the gasket and you will know the answer.

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