Friday, March 16, 2012

Proton P3-21A Engine

The Proton soon to be review model, under the P3-21A codename (Maybe later they will be a naming the new Proton competition), which is to be the Proton Waja replacement model.

So other than the exterior which should be have a major makeover, will they give any suprise on the engine side?

Judging from their engine codename, CAMPRO-IAFM+ and CAMPRO-CFE, which still have the CAMPRO wording infront of it, it should be the same family of engine that are from the first genenaration of Proton GEN2.

Since the Proton GEN2, Proton had already launch model like Pesona, Exora and BLM, all this Campro engine have a similar design on the Engine Head, they only made some improvement by changing the Intake manifold system and the rocker cover design.

Hopefully we can see more changes than those 2 areas in the new model.

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