Friday, November 11, 2011

Kia Picanto and Hyundai Atos 1.1 Cylinder Head Gasket

The Hyundai Atos (also known as Atoz, Amica and Santro Xing) is a city car produced by Hyundai. The original Atos was introduced in 1997. In 1999, it was joined by the less controversially styled Atos Prime. It uses the G4HC Epsilon straight-4 engine. The second generation Atos Prime was launched in 2004. It comes with a 1086 cc G4HG engine.

The Kia Picanto, known as the Kia Morning in South Korea and Chile, Kia EuroStar in Taiwan, Kia New Morning in Vietnam and the Naza Suria or Naza Picanto in Malaysia, is a low cost city car produced by Kia Motors.

The Picanto and the Atos 1.1 share the same engine code of G4HG, and their cylinder head gasket material is metal, but it seem they have some minor difference between them.

As show on the photo, they type A cylinder head gasket have an extra long hole when compare with the type B, normally, we assume that the gasket with those extra hole can be use on the other model which is less hole, hence, the type A should be can use for A and B but type B can only use for B but not A.

But actually it is not the case in this G4HG engine, a foreman came forward with the type B use sample, and holding the type A new gasket, mention that type A is unable to install on type B and must use back the type B design for it.


adik said...

Need atos head

Goh san said...

Hi adik, sorry to inform you that we only have the head gasket,we don't have the head.