Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kia Carnival Engine Conversion to Nissan VQ25DE Engine

It is quite usual to heard about the engine problem on Kia Carnival owner, it is not known that is because the original KRV6 engine is design too complicated until it will get wrong easily if owner didn't maintain it probaly.

As the KRV6 is a 2.5 V6 engine, many of them had try to swap the engine to Nissan VQ25DE engine which it is also 2.5 V6 engine, I'm not going to compare both engine as I think it is very easy to find it online, just Google a bit. But putting a few photos on their cylinder head gasket and rocker cover gasket for viewing reference.

The above photo is the Nissan VQ series of engine cylinder head gasket design, while below are the Kia Carnival or Naza Ria for local Malaysia model cylinder head gasket.

Both of them are using metal gasket, Kia Carnival cylinder head gasket is thicker than the VQ series type, and for Kia Carnival, the left and right hand side of the cylinder head gasket is the same design but it is difference gasket for VQ type of engine.

The above rocker cover gasket shown the Nissan VQ series type of gasket, which is similar for most of the type of rubber type rocker cover gasket.

But you can see the below photo of Kia Carnival rocker cover gasket, their design is not like those convention rubber type of rocker cover gasket, it use 2 pieces of metal steel which coated with a kind of gasket material on it, both of them have a difference design for right hand and left hand side of the gasket.

There are few thing once may want to take note is VQ series engine is timing chain driven and KRV6 is timing belt driven, the KRV6 timing belt system is design as such they using quite a lot of oil seal and tensioner bearing once you want to replace it.

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